Debt Collection Harassment

Stop the harassment now. Get peace of mind.

Are you receiving unwanted calls from collection agencies? You may be entitled to compensation—and we may be willing to take your case at no out-of-pocket cost to you.

We fight back against debt collection agencies—at no out-of-pocket cost to our clients.  Get your free consultation!

We fight back against debt collection agencies—at no out-of-pocket cost to our clients. Get your free consultation!

Hilton Parker LLC is currently accepting cases under something called the “Fair Debt Collection Practices Act,” a law that prohibits third-party debt collectors from engaging in harassing or deceptive tactics. For instance, debt collectors generally cannot:

  • Discuss your debt with anyone other than you or your spouse

  • Threaten you with arrest or imprisonment

  • Call you at work after you have told them to stop

  • Falsely threaten to sue you

  • Claim that you have a “court case” against you when no such case exists

  • Claim to be calling from a “law firm” when they are not really attorneys

  • Threaten to send a “process server” to your home or place of employment when they have no intention of actually doing so

  • Threaten to prosecute you for “check fraud” or “defrauding a financial institution”

  • Threaten to send a sheriff to your home

  • Add hidden fees or charges to your debt

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We file anti-harassment lawsuits against many different collections agencies and have recovered thousands of dollars for our clients, and we do not charge a penny unless we win.

We are particularly interested in hearing from you if you have been contacted by the following collection agencies:

Portfolio recovery associates inc.

If you have received phone calls from Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc., please contact us now for your free consultation.


If you have received letters from Transworld Systems, be sure to save everything, including the envelopes. We are particularly interested in bringing lawsuits against Transworld Systems related to letters.


We are accepting debt collection harassment cases against National Credit Adjusters, LLC, related to allegations that this company may have threatened consumers with lawsuits or even arrest and jail time. If you have received calls from National Credit Adjusters, LLC, please contact us immediately.

JP Recovery Services, Inc.

If you have received letters from JP Recovery Services, Inc., please save the letters and the envelopes and give us a call.

Hunter Warfield, Inc.

If you have received phone calls from Hunter Warfield, please contact us for your free consultation. We are interested in hearing about your experiences with this company.

Ability Recovery Services, LLC

If you have been contacted in any way by Ability Recovery Services, LLC, we would like to know. In particularly, if you have received voice messages from this company, please save them, because we would like to hear them.


We have alleged in another lawsuit that Platinum Holdings Group’s employees have pretended to be from the law firm “A.R.T. Services” and have made inappropriate legal threats against consumers. Although we have not received any ruling on this allegation yet, we are interested in taking more such cases.

Diversified Consultants, Inc.

If you have received a call from Diversified Consultants, give us a call today for your free consultation.